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    Mobile Mechanic Brighton, Brisbane North Side

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    We do the following mobile mechanical services in Brighton and surrounding areas:

    Mobile Roadworthy, Mobile Lube Service, Mobile Log Book Service, Mobile Brake Fluid Service, Mobile Brake Change, Mobile Brakes and Rotors Change, Mobile Automatic Gearbox Service on selected models, Mobile Diagnostic and Fault Finding, Mobile Radiator Change, Mobile Timing Belt Change, Mobile Alternator Change, Mobile Battery Change, Mobile Mechanical Inspection, Mobile Pre-Purchase Inspection, Mobile Headlamp Cleaning and much more.

    Do not hesitate to call us or text us on 0497082802, if you are not sure if we will be able to assist you, in Brighton with your need, or fill in our request form and we will contact you as soon as we possible.

    Also doing Mobile Service and Mobile Repairs in the surrounding areas of Brighton

    Mobile Lube Service Brighton

    With a lube service or oil service the engine oil and engine oil filter is changed with a general check over of the vehicle. It is always advisable to use the right grade and type of oil for the lube service. The grade and type of oil normally also have a great impact on the price of the service. A normal multi grade oil is the cheapest of all, but not advisable for the use in vehicles that have an extended time or distance before the service is due. Multi grade oils used in an oil service are usually only suited for a maximum of 10 000km and thereafter start to brake down. Semi synthetic and Full Synthetic oils used in a lube service are always the better choice, as it last longer in most instances. Always remember that the vehicle manufacturer determines what oil is to be used in a lube service and should always be adhered to, as it will minimise any risk of engine damage. The oil filter is also changed with the oil service. Oil filters normally comes in two types – a cartridge or a screw on canister. A quality filter with a good supplier warranty should always be used and can be found at various aftermarket parts stores or the original manufacturer.

    Mobile Log Book Service Brighton

    With a log book service you normally refer to the log book of the vehicle manufacturer. Most instances it is a lube service with some extra parts that should be changed. It can be an air filter, cabin filter for the air conditioner, fuel filter, spark plugs, brake fluid change, steering fluid change, transmission fluid and transmission filter change, timing belt and timing belt tensioner and roller change, drive belt, drive belt tensioner and drive belt roller change, wiper blades, and many more other unmentioned parts. It is important to keep to the specifications in the log book, but always advisable to change any service part that is worn beyond specification or defective.

    Mobile Brake Change Brighton

    When changing the brake pads of a vehicle the following should also be kept in mind: the quality and wear on the rotors or drums and the quality of the brake fluid in the system. All rotors have a minimum thickness and should be free from an outer deep outer edge, deep grooves or uneven surface. If any of the above mentioned is present a brake pads and rotor change should be done at the same time to ensure even braking and the elimination of a brake squeal.

    Mobile Diagnostic Brighton and Mobile Fault Finding Brighton

    If you don’t know what is wrong with your vehicle, or you are unsure, or just need the reset of a light, or coding of injectors, and you don’t have the right diagnostic tool to complete the job, call us. We do mobile diagnostics with the latest aftermarket diagnostic machines. Just note that we have a minimum call out fee for this type of service we provide.

    Mobile Automatic Gearbox Service Brighton

    Most automatic gearboxes can be serviced by replacing the oil and oil filter. Caution should always be taken that the correct oil is used in the automatic gearbox service. Oil should also be filled to the right level, as too little can cause a slip and hard change of gears, or too much oil might cause an oil leak or blow out seals after the automatic gearbox service was done.

    Mobile Timing Belt Change Brighton

    A timing belt is one of the critical service components of the engine. The timing belt change should be done on or before the specified time indicated. It is important to know that if the timing belt fail you will 90% of the time end up with engine damage and need to remove the cylinder head to repair bent valves or more, and in most instances leads to an engine change rather than repair, because of the high cost of labour.

    Mobile Drive Belt Change Brighton

    The drive belt on the outside of the engine that drives various components should be checked when a service is done to prevent failure. A squealing belt is also an indication of a belt that has the wrong tension or is starting to fail. It is not as critical as the timing belt but could also cause much damage if it fails and you keep on driving in that condition. When a drive belt change is done, the rollers, tensioners and other pulleys it runs on, should be checked and changed if needed as it can also cause a drive belt failure before the time.

    Mobile Alternator Change Brighton

    An alternator should charge anything from 13.6V up to 14.8V. Anything under the minimum will lead to battery drain and anything above it will lead to over charge that can damage your electrical components and battery damage. An alternator change or repair is suggested in any of the above mentioned instances. An under charge is normally detected by the red battery light that is burning on the instrument cluster.

    Mobile Mechanical Inspection Brighton and Mobile Pre-Purchase Inspection Brighton

    The Mechanical inspection is almost the same as the Pre-Purchase inspection.  The mechanical inspection focuses on the mechanical side and is almost the same as a roadworthy inspection, whereas the pre-purchase inspection is a bit more of an opinion about the general condition of the vehicle. Remember that the focus of a roadworthy is on the safety and driveability of the vehicle for the period of two months or 2000km. The pre-purchase inspection is a check over of the vehicle and includes extra checks like the overall interior of the vehicle and therefore takes a bit more time and is consequently the more costly inspection of the two.

    Mobile Battery Change Brighton

    If your vehicle has a hard start, or does not start at all and you suspect it might be the battery, don’t be hesitant to tell us.  By this we can be prepared when we come to you for the diagnostic or fault finding, as we have minimum charge for a call out or battery change.

    With the winter months on our doorstep, a none start might be the cause of a dead/flat battery.  This may be detected by no or very dim instrument lights, either/or a fast ticking sound in the engine, but the engine does not turn.

    It is advisable, if you suspect your vehicle battery is on its way out, to visit a battery centre to test the battery, as their testing machine can determine if a battery change is needed.

    Mobile Headlamp Cleaning Brighton or Headlight Restoration Brighton

    Most of the vehicles on the road is fitted out with plastic headlamp covers and fades or turn yellow from exposure to the sun. Instead of headlamp replacement you can consider headlamp cleaning or headlight restoration for a fraction of the price of a new lamp. One must remember that a headlamp restoration or headlight cleaning just lasts over 12 months and should be repeated in the future. Give us a call for a headlamp clean if you consider this option.

    Mobile Roadworthy Certificate Brighton, Mobile Safety Certificate Brighton

    We come to you, for your convenience, to do your roadworthy certificate (RWC) or safety certificate.

    Mobile Mechanic Brighton

    Mobile Mechanic Brighton

    Mechanic Brighton

    There are numerous ways you can sustain your car in top condition. Cost is involved but less when compared with performance maintenance. You can consider the aid of internet in purchasing these accessories as you get a lot of variety and discounts. You can save lot of time and cash if bought in the web. There are numerous websites available on the world wide web which sells car accessories. Free home delivery will be provided in your purchase. Some of them include car polish which may raise the shine from the colour. Car wax polish increases the stamina in the paint applied on the automobile.

    Mobile Mechanic Brighton

    Ask For An Estimate – No mechanic shop can provide you with a definitive estimate over the telephone. If they claim they can you then should stay away from them. To say so would be dishonest that is exactly the kind of mechanic shop you want to keep away from – a dishonest one. But they can present you with a rough estimate. If you believe your starter has given away, then you should ask simply how much that service would cost assuming it is precisely what must be done. If the cost is right then you should proceed to step 2.

    Car Service Brighton

    2.) Search For Reviews – While not all reviews reflect the quality of an auto mechanic shop’s service, they’re still worth looking at. If the mechanic has a bunch of five star reviews, restoration their services are what these reviews say they are. However, you mustn’t hang on a minute and feel that they’re honest. Check with the BBB to ensure there isn’t any major complaints that haven’t been resolved. The failure of a business to eliminate these complaints proves they don’t value their clients.

    Lube Service Brighton

    Preference for ASE Certification Try going for a little field appropriate courses in a mobile mechanic school to be able to earn your National Service for Mobile Service Excellence recognition. Vocation working out for one or two years which is provided by community and mobile mechanic colleges offers both classroom instruction and hands-on training, which ensures deep knowledge of the mandatory field. Even this sort of vocational training is incredibly valued by employers, who require candidates to go for such training in-house when they cannot have a similar in their senior high school programs.

    Logbook Service Brighton

    For instance when they voted five stars and so they were happy once they found their cars, but then it broke again later, they could re-vote on one occasion. This would prevent anyone from gaming the system, and still provide a good assessment of each one local auto mechanic depending on their merits, and the way they served real customers. Indeed I hope you will please consider pretty much everything and contemplate it. There should be an app for that.
    Because an automobile can’t speak (at east not yet, anyway) it is difficult so they can tell us when something is wrong. There are, however, several signs your vehicle is capable of producing to alert you that there might be a problem somewhere. These signs can come by means of strange noises like squeaks, rattles, squeals or clangs, or they comes available as odd-looking leaks or jolty driving. Another way that a car can grab your attention to tell you all just isn’t well is simply by to become a smell. Much like a child will create a bad smell after they need to be changed, a car will begin to create a myriad of unique and quite often unpleasant odours in order to remind you to take it in for an automobile service! If you will smell something somewhat off (and no one inch the automobile sports a guilty expression) then it could be time for it to own it looked over. Here are just some of the possible explanations for why your car may be a little funky-smelling.

    Roadworthy Brighton

    As a consumer, there are certain stuff you can watch out for. Some of them are general tips which might be more apparent, and some I will give tend to be specific that could not normally be known if you do not were conversely of the counter. Generally speaking, the Better Business Bureau of course is a great reference point. Keep in mind that now you may come up with a complaint and some complaints are unfair. The key thing to concentrate on could be the outcome, was it satisfactorily closed out by the BBB. You want to take notice in case a company features a string of similar complaints which go unresolved. In addition, how long contains the business experienced operation, been at the location, and contains there been a current alternation in ownership or management. Pay attention to the overall general appearance of the two shop along with the lobby, and also the retail and office staff. Some family owned shops are older and challenging to keep clean however are still wonderful options, but generally speaking in the event the owner/operators don’t take proper their facility they could not mindful with the workings of one’s vehicle either.

    Roadworthy Certificate Brighton

    Because you already know you are auto-mechanic-college bound, you need to advantage on the normal in teen, because it is possible to tailor your part-time employment to match your career goals. Why not do a tour of the local garages to find out if anyone is hiring? Also consider dealerships and auto parts retailers. Perhaps even a rental or car share company. Early contact with the milieu can help advance your auto mechanic career more quickly. Just think over it. You will:

    Safety Certificate Brighton

    But in the eighties, things did start to change. People begun to be put off by wanting to repair their very own cars, and today, it’s rare to get someone amongst your mates who’s enough mechanical aptitude to defend myself against even the simplest conditions that might foul up a motor vehicle. Did we become lazy? Why would we throw in the towel the freedom to solve our personal cars and save ourselves money? Simply put, computers in cars killed the backyard mechanic.

    Mazda Service Brighton

    You could determine if a particular school is an excellent school if they teach their students the latest techniques to help them cope with complicated mobile systems. Another good sign is whenever they teach their students the essential background about various mobiles, not to mention, teaching students the important and significant tactics in customer satisfaction to ensure that they just supply the finest and quite a few welcoming service.