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    Pre Purchase car Inspection Mango Hill, Brisbane

    Let us do the pre purchase car inspection to take out the risk of buying a vehicle over a distance, contact Ausmec for a detailed safety check and mechanical inspection. We do an extensive visual check on external body features and mechanical components that normally can’t be checked without being present at the vehicle. We make sure all aspects of a safety certificate and also the mechanical condition of the vehicle  is met with the pre purchase inspection.

    A Pre Purchase Inspections in Mango Hill concentrate on the following aspects of the vehicle :

    Interior : Seats, Seatbelts, Interior trims, Radio, Airconditioning, Window washers and wipers, Doors, Window operation, Engine warning lights.

    Exterior : Rust, Paint work, Visible body repairs, Mirrors and glass, Sunroof, Arial, Under body parts, Suspension parts front and rear, Steering Components, Exhaust, Differential and drive shafts.

    Tyres and Wheels : Tyre condition, Rims, Spare wheel, Brake hoses, Brake callipers, Brake cylinders, Brake pads, Rotors and drums, Park brake, Wheel bearings.

    Road test : Ease of starting, Engine noise, Road noises, Engine performance, Engine emissions/smoke, Gearbox, 4×4, Steering and suspension, cruise control, Brake operation.

    Engine and Engine bay : Noise, Fluid levels, Fluid leaks, Hoses and pipes, Caps, Water pump, Radiator fan, Mountings, Battery, Drive belts, Camshaft belt.

    Service and Maintenance : Service log book, last service, next service

    When a pre purchase inspection is done we will give you a call after you received the inspection report to make sure you are informed about the condition of the vehicle you intend to buy.


    Also consider Ausmec for pre purchase car inspection in North Lakes, Rothwell, Kippa Ring, Clontarf, Scarborough, Newport, Redcliffe, Margate, Woody Point, Griffin, Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Dakabin, Kurwongbah and Petrie.

    Pre Purchase Car Inspection Mango Hill

    Pre Purchase Car Inspection Mango Hill